Sunday, December 5, 2010

Story of Old

This kingdom started the fire,
The King hated that his need was dire.
He started to enslave the men and make them work,
It seemed to him as a sycophantic quirk.

The Queen and her child we born of innocence,
Taken into a world of hate and violence.
The Queen tried to hide the child,
Hide her so she, too, wouldn’t turn too wild.

The King found out about an ancient power,
It made his most fearsome generals hide and cower.
It amused him to see such scared men,
It seemed pointless to dispose of them then.

When the Queen found out she ran away,
Ran with the child to the Oceans bay.
She met a man who was kind and brave,
Her life, she wished for him to save.

The King found out of the Queens treason,
He didn’t wait to hear her reason.
The boat she was on, was burnt to the sea,
The Queen died without the chance to plea.

The King, now mad with greed,
Was killed by the new kingdoms Assassins Creed.
The Old Kingdom finally fell,
It fell into the jaws of Hell.

The people obviously didn’t know whom to follow,
They chose a King who was cold and hollow.
Filled by greed, drained of emotion,
The king damned his people and his own Nation.

The Darkest Fire

Out of the ashes of the olden age,
Came a flame that promised all.
It turned out they offered all the rage,
It’s what killed the old kingdom, big and small.

The Empire grew to be the Darkest Fire,
They still have a hold.
The number of lives lost to their pyre,
Is too large to be told.

It controls everyone’s lives,
It controls everything.
That’s why an assassin kills with knives,
That’s why knives, we too, must bring.

It corrupts the minds of innocent others,
How? You never know.
You may know the way of the world, even that of mothers,
But you’ll never know the time of that final blow.

This new kingdom will thrive forevermore,
If we do not cut it down.
If we do not settle the score,
Whom will we serve, the Joker or the Crown?

 The joker offers us the chance to start anew,
The crown promises nothing at all.
Through death and blood of few we never knew,
And your conscience doesn’t take the fall.

Unwillingly we turn to the joker for salvation,
Unwillingly we turn to sin.
We turn to him to save our nation,
We turn to face a din.

The new kingdom loves the pointless fights,
Loves the fight till death.
Any reason to have bloody nights,
They honor us only on our last breadth.

The longing for death

I am a tired child,
Tired of this life.
I fought though I was mild,
Fought throughout the strife
The pain is like a sea of sorrow,
The pain almost feels like Fire.
How many lives will I have to borrow?
Before I sleep in my very own Pyre?

It hurts me to keep my eyes open,
The hurt must always stay.
If they close I become one of the unspoken,
I wouldn’t fit in with the stray.
The Fire burns within my soul,
Burns so much I feel the heat.
I keep it alive to reach my goal,
I hope, by the end, my heart still has one beat.

I cry some nights like I was 2 years old,
I cry like a little baby.
I never thought I was quite this bold,
I never understood the concept of ‘Maybe’.
Life is made of 2 extremities,
Right and Wrong.
If I died today I’d finally get some zzz’s.
Is there a difference between the weak and strong?

I fear the creature inside,
I fear He is the truth.
When will I choose a final ride?
When will I finally break my tooth?
For a mind that’s under constant confusion,
Something doesn’t feel right.
Why do I fight for constant exclusion?
Where will I end, Dark or Bright?

The Fire burning within seems so Bad,
So very Evil.
It gets so hot it makes me mad,
Will I live to see the sequel?
I hope my end comes swiftly enough,
I hope it comes so fine.
I’ve already lived through the rough,
I don’t want to step on a mine.

The Fire

The Fire burns within us all,
Surrender now or begin the fall.
Fire is required to quench your thirst,
I know that is an arbitrary verse.
If you have the time to sit and listen,
I can tell the truth of this proposition.

The Anger is the main driving force of Fire,
The angry energize within the pyre,
It’s like the Pain means nothing at all,
Unfortunately, this begins the fall.

The Sadness is the fuel required to light,
It makes the Fire burn ever so bright.
It tortures you like a Childs crying,
Why did I always do the trying?

The Depression is like a gas let out,
It makes me want to scream and shout.
It concentrates your mind on what really matters,
Don’t get cocky, your world still shatters.

I hope you enjoyed the show,
Now I wish to god you’d go.
The pain isn’t helping sooth the time,
It’s like I did some heinous crime.
This isn’t something now or new,
This is just the picture that I drew.